Another day, another blog

What's my problem? I mean, seriously, why another blog? Well, it's not because I'm organized and need to have my life compartmentalized. No, it's because whenever I think about writing about something that's on my mind, it never seems to fit the theme of any of my blogs. So here I am again...

The folks closest to me know that I am passionate about several things: Woodworking, Woodworking Tools, Pipe Smoking, Cooking and for some odd reason three-wheeled cars. One of my favorite shows is Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, and because of my travel schedule with work I often find myself in the same towns that the host Guy Fieri has already visited. When this happens I try to hit at least one of the spots where he seemed to have the most fun.

This blog will be my little spot to record my visits as I follow Guy to some great food joints, and I invite you to come along. Scott

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