Silk City Diner, Philly PA

Feb 16th, 2010
it’s been a while since I've been in a town that Guy's been, but finally I made it to Philly. This evening two of my co-workers, one bro-worker and I wandered over to Silk City Diner and, boy was it awesome!

I ordered the FREE-RANGE BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN, which came with mashed potatoes, smothered chorizo string beans, jalapeño corn bread, and sausage gravy. The chicken was fried golden brown, was crisp, juicy and drizzled lightly with the sausage gravy. The chorizo green beans were al dente and the chorizo sauce wasn't remotely overpowering as I feared. I LOVE spicy food, but if the green beans had been too spicy they would have distracted from the balance of the meal. The real star of my meal was a surprise: the corn bread! Everyone at the table had a bite and was all blown-away. It is browned and had almost a fried crispy top. Inside the batter were very small flakes of jalapeño; not many, and in fact so few that we had some debate as to whether or not there were even any in it. Over the cornbread was drizzled a blend of warm honey and butter, and a small amount of dried red pepper flakes. I'm telling ya, it's got me salivating just thinking about it! All this for only $15!

The top photo shows Karen, who ordered a fish sandwich off their daily special menu which she said was excellent.

Ed ordered another of the daily specials, which was a home-made sausage sandwich. Again, he said it was great and didn't leave a scrap on his plate.

My home-boy Brewmeister ordered another of the daily specials; a lump crab cake BLT! It had so much crab meat on it that it looked like a 1/2lb burger on the bun.

Wouldn't you know that my phone's battery died before I was able to snap a pic of my plate, but we did realize by desert time that we should use someone else's phone to capture those works of art. We shared their "SILK DESSERT DU JOUR", which was a moist and not-too-sweet chunk of carrot cake for only $6.

Crème Anglaise. Again, this was only$6!

The joint was jumping and we had to wait in the entry for 10 minutes before being seated. Our server was friendly and knowledgeable.

The diner itself was clean and kitschy. The evening was below freezing, and the chrome interior wall and window adjacent to the booth was incredibly cold.
The music was classic rock and included Pink Floyd, ELO and even a couple tracks for the 1950's.
If you find yourself in Philly you owe it to yourself to stop by for dinner on one of the nights that you're not hanging-out at Pat's or Geno's having cheese steaks.

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