You can call me Jeffrey Lebowski - as long as the burger is good

After a long day of visiting cabinet shops in the Dallas area we finally had a few minutes to drop by Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Though I'd been in Dallas a few times before I've never had time to visit this historic site and after walking the street for half an hour I had an empty feeling in my stomach. No, not that kind of emptiness. I was born in 1963, so Kennedy's death was always something which I always felt a link. Being there; within feet of the spot that a president lost his life to a mad man (Assuming the single bullet theory is correct) was moving beyond my expectations.

Following my time at Dealey we traveled a short distance to the Twisted Root Burger Co. for a Chipotle, Guac & Cheddar Burger with Fried Onions. Yum. After circling the block a few times we finally found a spot, only to find the line out the door. The ordering process is just about as close to the Soup Nazi as I've personally experienced, apart from Pat's Cheese Steak's in Philly. As you approach the counter the signs above the order counter call-out the menu and remind you to have your act together by the time you reach the counter. It's a little stressful when you have a crowd of 30 hungry customers behind you, only to be pressured for perfection at the counter. After a 20 minute wait we were at the counter, and following a brief recital of our order we were each handed a slip of paper. This would be the name that would be announced once our order was ready, and in my case it read "Jeffrey Lebowski ", as in The Big Lebowski.

One thing I miss living in NC is that unless they grind the beef fresh restaurants can't cook a burger less then medium. In order to make sure they don't risk prosecution most places error on the side of charcoal briquettes. Because of this I was excited to learn they The Twisted Root was willing to cook my burger my way! (Hummmm. That would make a nice jingle)

The burger was perfectly cooked, the toppings fresh and with the exception of an empty paper towel dispenser at our table I can't make a single suggestion. Well done! Or better yet, medium rare.

We each also got a shake, which was thick and yummy. I can't believe that I had room for it, but lucky for me the Diet Coke helped it slide down. That's right, I said Diet Coke. What about it?

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