The Blue Marlin in Miami FL. Wassup with Garmin?

I don't know what was up with my GPS, but Garman has never gotten me so lost before.  Fortunatly I had my "Dingleberry" with me, so after a quick Googlin' I found a better address and with 20 minutes more drive time I was parked at the Blue Marlin Fish House.

The location really took me by surprise.  If I had paid better attention to the episode of DD&D I would have noticed that the restaurant is basically a finished garage.  Not that I'm passing judgment on this dive for it's location, it's just that there was a NASTY storm brewing, and it looked like it was going to blow this shack right into the adjacent river!  The folks at the counter couldn't have been more helpful.  I decided that what I wanted was a fish taco, but I had no idea which fish to choose, so they handed me a sample of the smoked blue marlin and the smoked mahi mahi.  While the marlin was very good, the mahi was fantastic, so that's what I chose.

As I waited for my lunch down fell the sky in what felt like one huge raindrop!  I don't believe that my cell phone pic at right does this justice, but if you click on it to Biggie-Size it, you'll see how the water covered the entire floor of the dining area.  The paper napkins and paper covered straws on the counter were instantly ruined, and the 1/2 full tip jar went flying across the room and out the back overhead door!     

As you can imagine this got the attention of the staff, and one of the guys jumped the counter and then the wooden railing that lines the deck out back that overlooks the river in order to retrieve what he counted as $18 in ones!

The river was a neat touch, and to my delight I actually saw a manatee!  

The tacos were great, and I figured I still had tome to gram some coffee and desert at  Grandpa's Bakery & Restaurant if I rushed off, so that's about all I have to say about that.

The Blue Marlin is on my list of "do-over" spots, and if you are in the area I suggest you check it out, but make sure you print a current Google map to guide you in and check the weather channel! 

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