Offal Tee Shirt for the "Foodie" in your life

Offal. Think of it as a
Offal. Think of it as a "Foodie Call" by PatentPlaceUSA
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Ask any Foodie, Chef or cook and they'll tell you that Offal are the delicious parts of an animal that most folks think of as trash.  Bone marrow, internal organs, and as Wikipedia continues: scrotum, brain, chitterlings (pig's small intestine), trotters (feet), heart, head (of pigs, calves, sheep and lamb), kidney, liver, "lights" (lung), sweetbreads (thymus or pancreas), fries (testicles), tongue, snout (nose), tripe (reticulum) and maws (stomach) from various mammals are common menu items.  When properly cleaned and prepared, offal can be very yummy!  

This shirt will be the best gift the food lover in your life will receive this year, so it might as well come from you! 

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